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Heirloom Pumpkins


A very popular French heirloom that has been gracing doorsteps for centuries


A showstopper amongst roadside stands, fall displays, and gourmet dishes alike.


Slate gray color with deep ribs make this pumpkin highly ornamental. Sweet orange flesh is great for baking. Grows 6lbs to 10lbs.


aka Galeaux d’Eysines. Pink rind covered with raised, textured bumps resembling peanuts makes this an ornamental favorite. Sweet orange flesh is also great for baking. Grows 16lbs to 18lbs.

Long Island Cheese

One of the last pumpkins to ripen. Smooth tan skin similar to Butternut squash. Grows in a flattened shape that resembles a wheel of cheese. Deep orange flesh is moderately sweet and packed full of vitamins. Flesh is smooth, not stringy and great for baking or for any recipe that calls for Butternut squash. Grows 6lbs to 10lbs.

Marina di Chiogga

A warty, green squash with grey blush grows in a flattened shape. Another great baking squash traditionally used for preparing gnocchi and ravioli. Grows 10lbs to 12lbs.

Giant Pumpkins

Big Moose

Medium red-orange color with slight ribs from 50lbs to 125lbs. Fruit is oblate to round shaped.

Dill's Atlantic Giant

Yellow-orange pumpkins are giant! Growing 200lbs to 300lbs or more.

Prize Winner

Large pumpkin growing 75lbs to 150lbs. Bright red-orange color, shallow ribs and uniform shape.

Stacker Pumpkins

Pink Porcelain Doll

A thoughtfully hybridized variety with an exotic hue of pink created to promote breast cancer awareness. A blocky, deep-ribbed squash grows 15lbs to 20lbs.

Speckled Hound

Blocky fruit is pink-orange with green and blue-green splotches. Yellow orange flesh is edible and similar to buttercup squash.

Flat Stacker

Improved variety of Flat White Boer. Pure white pumpkin grows 15lbs to 25lbs.


Pumpkin Scaring

‘Pumpkin Scratching’ or ‘Scaring’ is a process by which we mark and slightly cut into the pumpkins flesh while it is still on the vine.  While it continues to grow, the pumpkin heals itself over the mark leaving a scar.

Certain varieties of pumpkins scar better than others. Below are our varieties that do the best with the process.

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